Ireland wins bid to host the European School Chess Championship 2024

Ireland has won its bid to host its first European Chess Championship, the European School Chess Championship 2024.

The Irish Chess Union @irishchessunion together with venue partner, The University of Limerick, @UL was awarded the event by the European Chess @ECUonline  at its general assembly in Thessalloniki, Greece on Saturday July 23rd.

Inspection report: European School Chess Championship 2024


“The bid of the Irish Chess Union fully meets the requirements of such a European Chess Event. Visiting Limerick, I was impressed by the university facilities and I firmly believe that if the bid is awarded to the Irish Chess Union, all participants will be satisfied and the tournament will go down in history as a success”.


- Paris Klerides (CYP)



Modern restaurant that serves drinks and snacks.

Concert Hall

For hosting Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Playing Hall

Approx 500 sqm expandable with additional 100 sqm.


Irish Chess Union wins the bid as a hosting federation for European School Chess Championship – 2024

Playing Venue: University of Limerick EG010 Hall

Situated on a magnificent 140-hectare riverbank complex, the University of Limerick (UL) has a history of producing challenging, high-caliber competitions at the Regional, National, European, and world championship levels.

UL, also known as Ireland’s Sporting Campus, has earned a reputation as a one-stop shop for event organisers thanks to its top-notch amenities, accessibility, Olympic-style lodging, and experience in administering massive, diversified events at the national and international levels.